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Fertility Support

Many women feel they loose a sense of self whilst trying to conceive. It’s incredibly common to feel a loss of self-esteem, self-confidence, and a sense of control over one’s destiny.

Coaching isn’t therapy or counselling; it is an opportunity to explore barriers and 
equip you with the tools you need whilst helping you process all that you are going through and guide you through your fertility journey. 

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The support  I provide

Expectations & emotions

Managing your mindset is one of the hardest parts of trying to get pregnant. Through the therapies I provide you will have the support and tools to manage stress and anxieties such as nervous thoughts before, during and after

fertility treatment. 

Making decisions

Knowing the right path to take in your journey can often create fear and doubt which can leave you feeling confused and sometimes even very alone. I will be your sounding board and provide you everything you need to feel confident in your decision making.

Your key moments

I provide guidance and the motivation you need within your key moments to stay committed to your goals and treatments. Coaching also focuses on improving your nutrition, physical activity, environment and habits to boost your fertility.

Supportive strategy

Setting your intentions with positive and obtainable steps is an important part of reaching your goals. Together we will cement your individual strategy. My coaching support and therapies will empower you to feel back in control of your journey.

Why you should consider a Holistic Fertility Specialist

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High states of anxiety and emotions such as grief, depression and anger are commonly experienced as a result of an infertility diagnosis, recurrent miscarriage, PCOS, Endometriosis, low ovarian reserves or many other medical issues associated with infertility. 

These negative emotions and limiting beliefs impact feelings towards your body and its ability to envisage a healthy pregnancy.


My bespoke programs adopt a dynamic, solution-focused approach. When your head and your heart don’t match up, it can stop you getting what you want. Which is why the support I can greatly improve chances of conception.

Hypnotherapy is based on the assumption that the mind is our powerhouse and has a direct and powerful impact on the body. Blocks in the mind create blocks in your physical biology. 

I will support you to remove the phycological blocks preventing you from becoming a mum. This allows space for fertility mindset transformation 

Using NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis coaching techniques I will help you eliminate negative emotions and limiting belief patterns. You can have complete control over your mind and I will provide you with the tools to take back this control!


Importantly as your support person I am your sounding board to offer a completely non-biased, non-judgemental and completely independent opinion. I don’t come with an agenda, and I am here to equip you with the tools you need whilst successfully navigating your fertility journey.


"When trying to conceive my 2nd child I quickly went into a downward sprial of disappointment, heartache, fear and anxiety. Louise always had such a calming influence on me, she grounded me and gave me strength. I am now 8 weeks pregnant with our baby and that is all thanks to Louise. 

Louise is a beautiful soul, she is empathetic, passionate, genuine and positive. I would not hesitate to recommend Louise to anyone. I know she is going to continue to change the lives of many for a very long time, it's what she was born to do"


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