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Coaching Through  Challenges

If you are struggling with your sense of worth, feel as though you don’t fit into the mold that our society creates or have a disability or learning difficulty - I can help you with any limiting beliefs you hold about your ability to achieve success in whatever form that may take for you. 

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Self confidence issues or feeling like you could be destined for more? The world is your oyster.... you just have to believe it. 

Using NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis I can work with you to eliminate your negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. NLP will identify your thought patterns and reprogram them, allowing you to have complete control and understanding of your mind. I will then provide you with tools and strategies to help you in the future.

 With new thought patterns (and new neural pathways) and a positive inner dialogue you will become the best version of yourself possible, ready to take on the world in whatever capacity that may be!

Book You Free Discovery Call

Take advantage of a free discovery chat to get to know each other. I'd love to talk through the challenges you have faced and how I might help.


Answering your questions, this call is the best way  to ensure you feel we are a good fit before a commitment to a paid session.

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NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis for individuals with disability and their families.

What if you already had the resources you needed to succeed? You just need some guidance to utilise all these tools to learn to love who you are and discover what you need to succeed and live your best possible life?

As the sister of a person with Downs Syndrome I understand on a personal level the impact that a disability can have on all areas on your life. The stresses and anxiety of todays world that individuals with a disability experience. As a certified NLP Practitioner and Coach, I have the professional skills and tools to help you transform your energy, discover your passion and create the life you seek within the reality of your circumstances.

We know that nearly 8 billion people live on this earth and no two are alike. So why are we all expected to learn the same way? To work the same way? To think and process the same way? Sometimes people need someone else to pull their brilliance out of them so they can shine. It's not always easy, or comfortable, to challenge the norms. Are you going through life holding your breath? Waiting for something to change so you can finally have the life you want? Well, that time is now. If you are an individual with a disability, carer or family member this is where NLP and I can help. Together let's bring your unique strengths to the surface and build your confidence and succeed in whatever form that may look like for you.


"Through the incredible work of Louise, I have been able to identify so many things about me as a person,my lifestyle along with my upbringing,and find positive and uplifting strategies and solutions to incorporate into my daily life.

Each session I come away clearer in my mind, body and soul with a plethora of ways to improve how I live my best life as a partner, mother, sister and friend. The tools she has instilled in me in 7 short weeks is absolutely phenomenal! People close to me are noticing the changes evolving, it’s so humbling!"


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