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Master Your Mind Or Your Mind Will Master You

Some things in life don't come easy to us for one reason or another.

Our upbringing, events during our life, life circumstance and so on affect our internal programming, and in turn what we believe we deserve for ourselves. This has a massive impact on our ability to succeed in life and our happiness.

The mind is a very powerful tool, only over the past few years are we truly understanding this. In Louise Siwicki's case, a lifetime of negative programming and limiting beliefs had her struck, paralysed with fear and unable to move forward.

This left her battling six years of infertility issues, coeliac disease and being unable to succeed at all in a professional sense. Her mental and physical health was suffering, and she had hit rock bottom. If she didn't make a change, she was on a fast path to a mental health diagnosis and more than just infertility and coeliac disease physically.

Her six year journey through infertility was the catalyst Louise needed for a change. In order to be able to achieve her dream of having a baby, she needed to unpack what was really going on.

"With professional support and my determination and commitment to make a change, I got back to being the person I had lost during the better part of a decade, married to my now Husband. It happened nearly nine months after our wedding, I gave birth to our Son. Our baby boy had been conceived naturally; it was a miracle from the universe. After 6 years of no results from medical intervention, I had fallen pregnant naturally."

The mind is everything, get the mind right and the body will follow, Louise is proof of this. Imagine for a moment there are two aspects to every human being - the physical body and the mind or spirit.

It is difficult to have one without the other, for instance, you can try and deny your emotions yet still experience emotional pain and distress even while you may possess a healthy physical body. The reason for this is that our thoughts, emotions and sensations are often the key indicators of what our bodies need.

The mind-body connection is often referred to as the stress response, the parasympathetic nervous system, or even the autonomic nervous system. It is a part of us that we can not consciously aware of most of the time. Yet it is so powerful that it can initiate a chain reaction in our bodies which can lead to health problems and our inability to achieve success and happiness in our lives.

" In 2020, I decided to use my life experience to help others who found themselves in a similar situation and started my own professional support business" Louise said.

"Training to become a certified practitioner and then becoming an entrepreneur and a successful business owner are two very separate things as I discovered quickly."

"I started to relive the overwhelming anxiety and paralysing fear and these negative emotions threatened to derail my dreams once again. For my business to succeed, I needed to work on myself first. It's a continuing journey, a journey that doesn't end. But I had done enough work on my mind to have the confidence to follow my dreams and the courage and determination to know it would be a success."

Louise's ability to beat the odds, the battle against her mind has meant she has been able to build a successful business helping women (and men) on their journey to bringing new life into the world.

Having the self-awareness to really understand what was going to hold her back mentally from making her business a success and the courage to do the work, committing to constantly pushing herself out of her comfort zone in order to grow.

" 12 months ago, I was unable to look myself in the mirror and say the words 'I am a success'. My unconscious mind was blocking me from saying this phrase, I couldn't say the words out loud at all as unconsciously I didn't believe it" she said.

Louise is a certified practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), coaching, timeline therapy and hypnotherapy. She helps women along their journey through infertility to pregnancy and beyond, help manage their mindset and heal the root causes of stress and anxiety, the negative emotions and limiting beliefs preventing them from achieving their dreams.

Fast forward to January 2022, Louise will be on stage as an inspirational guest speaker at the Woman In Success Conference in Sydney.

Through determination, will power, courage and commitment she has been able to master her mind, leave limiting beliefs and negative emotions in the past and grow a successful business that she is so passionate about and very proud of.

All while keeping the balance between running a business, looking after a young family, being pregnant and studying her masters in the modalities she's trained in. This is proof that if you master your mind anything is possible.

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