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The mind is incredibly powerful: it can make you feel great, awful, somewhere in between deeply relaxed, or wide awake. It can cause you to sleep, skip meals, or stay up all night. However, the mind can also impact your body's ability to create a baby - and with Time Line Therapy and hypnosis, it is possible for even women who have been told there is no hope for them to get pregnant.


It seems like a far fetched idea, but the mind is intimately involved in the process of creating a baby. When you're stressed, your mind creates physical symptoms - a pounding heart, shallow breathing, butterflies in your stomach, sweating - that are not just physiological but also physical responses to stress. On a deeper level, stress can be connected to reproductive issues.


The goal of this ebook is to help you release old traumas or negative thoughts, thus creating more room for good feelings: Both physical and mental - so that you can have a safer and easier time achieving pregnancy, getting pregnant, or staying pregnant.

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