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Executive fertility coach, trusted worldwide

Feel like achieving the balance between your dreams of motherhood and leadership is impossible? 

It's not, I can help. 

Are you ready to successfully balance your career and fertility simultaneously?

Mentoring/ Coaching 

Is this you?

  • You feel like you are doing everything right but nothing is working?
  • You feel overwhelmed by your fertility to do list?
  • You feel like you are being overly hard on yourself but you just don't know how to break the cycle?
  • You know deep down there is something missing but you don't know where to start? 
  • Worried your long working hours and stress levels are affecting your fertility?


Through compassionate support and heart-based leadership I will show you a positive fresh new approach to your fertility. 

Corporate Wellness 

Did you know that prioritising the well-being of your employees in their fertility struggles can lead to inceased employee happiness, satisfaction and increased profits

I am here to guide you with my expertise and evidence-based strategies. 

Together let's make a positive impact and change the landscape of fertility in the workplace forever! 


Interested to learn more about all the hype?

How can hypnotherapy have a positive impact on your fertility?

Let's chat x

What clients are saying

"When trying to conceive my second child I quickly went into a downward spiral of dissapointment, heartache, fear and anxiety. Lou had a calming influence on me, she grounded me, gave me strength and hope. I also drew on Lou's own fertility journey as inspiration for my own.  I am now 8 weeks pregnant  and I have Lou to thank for that! 

Lou is a beautiful soul, empathetic, genuine and positive. She is going to continue to change the lives of many for a very long time to come"

“I started working with Lou  after a miscarriage and  suffering secondary infertility. Working with Lou was transformative for me. Lou helped me process the difficult emotions and change my mindset. Our sessions put me in a better mindset to fall pregant, which I did while I was working with Lou! The sessions also helped me have a positive start to my pregancy without the anxiety from my last experience."  

I came to Lou in the depths of despair. I was at rock bottom after experiencing mutliple miscarriage and failed IVF attempts. Lou supported me for 6 months. She is empathetic and amazing at what she does. I am now pregant with my second child and could not be happier. Thank you Lou for everything

Lou is nothing short of incredible. She believed in me before I was capable of believing in myself. She is passionate, authentic and an expert in her field. And she is one of the main reasons I am now a mum! I only wish that I had have met Lou 5 years ago I would have saved myself a lot of heartache.

How can I help?




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Certified Practitioner of NLP

Certified Practitioner of Hypnosis 

Certified NLP Coach 

Certified Practitioner Time Line Therapy®

  • Worried you have reached fertility burnout?
  • Worried stress is affecting your chance of becoming a mum?
  • Worried the long working hours, constant stress and anxiety is affecting your fertility?
  • Giving all of your energy and time to work, your employees, and your family with nothing left in the tank for you?
  • Life pressures are consuming your thoughts, and you are paralysed with fear that this is affecting your fertility.

Download your FREE copy of my 3/8 METHOD today to start to heal fertility burnout and increase your fertility.

YOU will feel CALM, ENERGISED and EMPOWERED. Finding BALANCE and able to SUCCESSFULLY NAVIGATE your FERTILITY and CAREER simultaneously. 

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