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I still have the photo that a work colleague took of my husband the moment he found out that I was pregnant with our miracle baby. My husband was working FIFO at the time. We had been trying for six long years to fall pregnant unsuccessfully and I had just received the news we were finally pregnant. I couldn’t really believe it myself; it was like a dream. I was so excited that after my GP delivered the amazing news, I asked her what to do next. She laughed at me, told me to go home, relax and do what I usually do after work each day. 

I went home and excitedly told my dogs since my husband was working away and I couldn’t let him know immediately. I had to tell someone! They just looked up at me, wagged their tails, and off on our usual after work walk we went.

I wanted to tell Brendon over the phone that night, but I couldn’t wait so I texted him the news. He so happened to be sitting on the bus on the way back to camp when he got the text, and that’s when his work colleague took that photo. The exact moment he found out. A look of disbelief and excitement all in one. That image frozen in time is what I think back to when life gets tough. If it’s not working out the way I think it should, I know I will always get there eventually if I never give up hope!

Brendon and I battled infertility for 6 long years. During this time we did it all,

Dr’s, Fertility Specialists, other fertility assisted treatments, IUI, IVF with no result at all. I was a broken woman, physically and mentally. But we pushed on month after month for fear that if I stopped it was like I was giving up and I was weak.

On the 22nd June 2016 I went into my FS appointment ready to hear the news of another failed attempt. Which I got. She said to me “Louise I can not treat you for 6 months. You need to sort out your mental and physical health otherwise you will never become a mum.”

These words rocked me to the core. I was devastated she had given up on us and our dreams of becoming parents.

However, in hindsight this is the most amazing thing anyone could have done for me. It forced me to stop and look within. I went to the dog park that night with my pugs and I looked up to the stars and prayed to the universe for help and guidance.

Up until this moment I had not considered myself a spiritual person at all. I surrendered my need to control the situation (it wasn’t getting me anywhere), I asked for help to fully let go of my fears and to truly trust the process, my journey and the timing that was right for me. This moment in time changed the course of my life.

I spent the next 6 months concentrating on my mental and physical health. I was broken and needed to put myself back together. To nourish my mind and body and to truly learn to love myself.

It was during this time that I started to understand the influence the mind has over the body. The mind and body are inextricably linked. When one is suffering the other is as well. And it all starts in the mind. Those little niggling thoughts over time become feelings and feelings become beliefs. Our belief system then becomes our reality. Most of us ignore those little niggling thoughts. So they become feelings and a lot of the time we ignore these feelings deep down in our gut. Those feelings that you are living your life out of alignment with your values well they present in all sorts of ways but for me I ignored them for so long they had no choice but to present in my physical body as infertility, coeliac disease, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue and depression. It was a lot to digest but it had to happen for me to make the decision to do the inner work to change the course of my life, to become a mum and to truly live my life’s purpose.

With professional support and my determination and commitment to make a change I got back to being the woman I had lost during the better part of a decade, married my now husband and as it so happened nearly nine months to the day after our wedding, I gave birth to my first son. Our baby boy had been conceived naturally; it was a miracle from the universe! After six years of no results from medical intervention, I had fallen pregnant naturally.

I tell my story to you in hope it instils a belief inside of you that you can do it! You can achieve your dreams of holding that beautiful baby in your arms. If I can do it so can you.

Every time I go through a challenging patch now in my life I think back to that photo of my husband, the look in his eye, that exact moment our dreams came true, and I know everything will be ok. Everything works out at the right time, when its meant to, if you believe and have determination to do what it takes. We never gave up and never lost hope that it would all work out in the end, and it did.


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